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Vanderbilt Ave | Interior
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Design Services


E-Decor gives you the option to create your space by being affordable and utilizing our expertise in decor and design without committing to a full-service interior design.

How it works:

You will email me pictures of the space(s) you are wanting to decorate, including the measurements, as well as fill out the form at the bottom of the page.  You tell me what you like and I will provide you with a shopping list and installation guidelines to make your room a reality. I will work with you to create a beautiful affordable space! This will include:
Concept Board: I understand that It's hard imagining what a space will look like when all said and done. I will provide you with a concept board on how your space will look after all components are put together. 
Space Planning: A layout plan of your space with all furniture and home decor. 
Inventory Ideal List: List of items that you like/recommended for your living space as well as items that are great deals.
My goal is to help you fall in love with your decorated space without a fuss. I will provide you with the resources after creating your concept board and design plan. You will then receive a play-by-play on what to buy and where to purchase it all in line with your budget.



I am currently in the market for homes or offices to stage for my design portfolio! This is a fun way to see what your home or office could look like if you "Worked With Me"!  First step to working with me is applying with the form down at the bottom! I want to get to know the area you're wanting me to stage as well as if you're looking to buy product, or just rearrange what you already have. 

How it works:

Concept Board & Space Planning: I understand that It's hard imagining what a space will look like when all said and done. I will provide you with a concept board and layout of what I think will look ideal in your space at that time.

Inventory Ideal List: If there is any inventory I think that will look great in the space, I will purchase the items on my own. If you would like to keep any of the product purchased, you can then purchase the items from me at the same price with no sales tax. 

Photography: When all said and done, I will need you to sign a waiver letting me take photographs of the space I have staged because I will be using these in my portfolio and on other sorts media. I will email you the waiver and you will have within the time of the first design process (Concept Board & Space Planning) fully complete the waiver and send it in. 

My goal is to help you fall in love with your decorated space without a fuss and for me to gain more experience in staging homes!

Terms & Conditions:

1. E-décor is an online decorating consultation service only. All recommendations are regarded as suggestions to improve the look of your space and not intended for construction purposes.

2. Client agrees to provide full information regarding the client’s requirements for the project.

3. Vanderbilt Ave will perform services as with professional skill, care and the orderly progress of the e-décor project.

4. Vanderbilt Ave will not be responsible for the means, methods or procedures of construction, fabrication, delivery & installation, or safety precautions in connection with the e-décor project; for the acts or omissions of the contractor or any, subcontractor, supplier or other person performing the work on the e-décor project; or, for any failure of them to meet any schedules or completion dates.

5. Vanderbilt Ave cannot be held responsible for arranging repairs, replacement or freight claims for purchases made in conjunction with recommendations for e-décor project. By "requesting" a service you agree to these terms and conditions.